Fujifilm Prescale Film Placed on a Battery Lamination Press

Thermoscale® is a unique tool that indicates temperature level and distribution between any two contacting surfaces. The most unique quality of Thermoscale® is that is goes where no other IR camera or temperature gauge can ever go - on the surface of the heated object and in between two contacting surfaces!

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Fujifilm Thermoscale®
Tactile Surface Temperature Indicating Film


  • No training required and extremely easy to use very economical
  • Work where no IR camer can-in between contacting surfaces

How it works

Heat melts the developer and makes the microcapsule walls permeable, allowing developer to enter the microcapsules, where it reacts with the color-forming agent to produce color.

Making the invisible visible

Thermoscale® is a thin (similar to a sheet of paper) flexible film-like material that actually changes color when it comes in contact with elevated temperature. The color change is both instantaneous and permanent and allows the user to “read” and interpret the color to get a fix on precisely what temperature has been reached at all points across the heated surface. Physically similar to Litmus paper the color that Thermoscale® turns is directly proportional to the temperature level.

Ideal Applications

  • Heat sealing
  • Lamination presses
  • Nip rollers
  • LCD/PCB bonding


Film Type Measureable Temperature Range* Contact Time Base Layer Gauge Color Temperature Visualization Dimensions
Thermoscale 200C 302 - 410°F (150 - 210°C) 5 - 20 sec. PEN 3.5 mils Blue / Magenta 10.6 in. x 16.4 ft. (270 mm × 5 m)
Thermoscale 100 176 - 221°F (80 - 105°C) 1 - 10 sec. PET 3.5 mils Grayscale 11.7 in. x 32.8 ft. (297 mm x 10 m)